Showing multiple custom post excerpts

I have created custom post types with the Custom Content types plug-in. I want to show excerpts of the posts created with this custom type ('orange-papers') on a WP page ( not post ). I have a template for that setup.

1) How would I do that?
2) Do I need to attach the Custom Post Type to a category?

3) Can I somehow just show a finite number of them as excerpts and then do "read- more" links to the full post?

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    1) Excerpts for custom post types works exactly the same way as for posts. You can use "the_excerpt()" in your template or "get_the_excerpt()" if you want the string to manipulate firt before displaying.

    2) Categories are attahce dto post types, not the other way around so you don't have to use categories (actually txonomoies for custom types).

    3) Sounds like what you want is an Archive page. There's only one excerpt per post so you ust be displaying multiple posts. You just need to set your custom post_types Has Archive to true with possibly a custom slug.

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