Showing Up Three TImes

I am sure this is a theme issue, but am wondering what this plugin would be calling for in order that the info would show up three times. It is also happening with the global site search plugin.

  • Eric G.

    Thanks for the response. I did find a work around and you are correct. If anyone has any input, I am using the Salutation theme from Parallelus. It is an excellent theme but does, I believe, try doing things that many plugin developers are not going to be able to adjust to. Here is the response from someone asking for information on how to prevent this from the theme author:

    The problem is that this plugin adds it’s content by appending whatever the output is to the end of WP “the_content” function. With modern frameworks like Salutation that make use of multiple sources of content on a page by implementing custom content types, these plugins should offer better control over the output. For example, they could test the instance of “the_content” for a post type which would allow them to exclude any non-page or post types. This would keep the output from appearing in a static block such as the top tab content and the footer. Another option would be for the pulugin to offer a choice of which post types to apply the feature. It may already do this but is only testing the type for the current page, not individually testing against the exact instance of “the_content“.

    Having said all that, I’m not trying to say the plugin developer did a bad job. This is a very new and unique implementation of creating WordPress content but I believe it is going to become increasingly common and the plugins will need to adapt eventually. I’m currently planning a feature that will hopefully make it possible to activate/deactivate any filter attached to “the_content” for every WP post type. This means that any plugin that attaches itself to these outputs blindly can be removed as needed for either the page, post, static block or any other custom post type you may have in use from a plugin. I’m not quite at the development stage for this feature yet but it is in the plan.

    To correct the issue as you’re experiencing it. I believe you can avoid the problem completely with one simple change. Instead of creating your tab content as a static block and adding a shortcode to your tab sidebar area to reference the content, copy your tab content directly into the text widget that is in your tab sidebar. Without the use of the static block you will not experience the problem. That’s all it should take. Hopefully I’ll have some time in the next couple weeks to work on this feature to add/remove filters on “the_content” based on the post type.

  • Eric G.


    I am not sure my fix would work with the Wiki plugin. I found the code for the tags search form and just put it into one my static blocks. You could do it with the Wiki plugin but it would be a HUGE head ache.

    The only option I could see would be to create a whole new template.php file within the theme that does not include the header and footer blocks. It will still include the header and footer, just not the static blocks or layout options as in the other layouts. I just found my way to be quicker for now. I will definitely be trying it if I have another plugin that uses the same things.

    There are some good discussions in the parallelus forums on this also.

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