Ad Widget: Sidebar breakes after multiple use of same widget


I am using Framemarket with MarketPress.

And also using "Ad Widget" to place ad codes/images in the Sidebar area....but the moment I use more than three using One Widget (using it thrice) as well as Multiple Widgets...the moment third one comes the alignment goes haywire... please see the screen I have to do something so that it doesn't happen....have read somewhere that WP needs to be told about the multiple usage of same widget either in the plugin file or someplace else...but can't recall now....can anybody help me on this?

Hoping to get a nice advice this time...don't know why but my last three queries remain unanswered...:slight_frown:

Those were
a) Login Issue (
b) Custom Taxonomy display Issue (
c) Order change in Single Page (


  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Hi M.O.R.E.

    I'm sorry that you have unresolved threads. I can assure you that your posts are important to us - note that most of your posts are related to custom coding that requires a more specialized eye with knowledge of php.

    I will ask for feedback from our Developer and our Lead Support, since I can't reproduce your error on my side and I need to investigate myself to see where you could make changes to these pages to display the side bar better.

    Please allow us some time to get back to you. As I said above, your posts are important to us and we will respond at the earliest.

    Have a good day M.O.R.E. and please don't hesitate to be in touch should you need support with any of our other plugins or themes.


  • Mason
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    Hiya MORE,

    The issue you're having here looks to be due to a plugin called "simple image link". It's calling a width of 100% which doesn't work well with a responsive design which has a sidebar that's flexible depending on the screen size it's being viewed on.

    You'll have to find an alternate plugin or way of accomplishing the function of that plugin in order to avoid that issue.


  • Mason
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    @MORE, if you haven't already checked into it. A fantastic must-have FREE tool I use every day (yes, I know I sound like a spammer) is firebug:

    Seriously, it's available for firefox and chrome and is indispensable when making edits to your site. It allowed me to quickly look at your sites code and come to a conclusion as to what the possible solutions are.

    I use it daily, if you don't have it as part of your toolbelt, I highly recommend it when doing theme customizations. Best of luck to ya. :slight_smile:

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