Sidebar for MarketPress

Is there any way to add a custom sidebar for the MarketPress store pages? I'd like to use different widgets in those areas.

  • DavidM

    Hi fusionx22,

    I think you could achieve that relatively easily using the Widget Logic plugin, then utilizing the mp_is_shop_page() conditional function to detect whether a MarketPress store page is being shown.

    On a more technical level though, you can create template files for the MarketPress pages and add widget areas there, assuming you're comfortable with a fair degree of coding.

    Perhaps the widget logic method would do it for you though?


  • Jeffrey Beer

    I'll take a look at Widget-Logic. I really think you guys should build in the sidebars from the start :slight_smile:

    In fact, I'd love to see you add a custom sidebar framework for all your BP themes, and allow us to create our own sidebars and assign them to all the functional pages in a BuddyPress / BBPress / MarketPress / Membership site :slight_smile:

    If you do, please use Sidebar names, rather than the annoying and confusing naming convention of sidebar1, sidebar2, and so on. I just junked a premium theme for that reason (and the fact it didn't actually have real support for BuddyPress and BBPress), or WP E-Commerce for that matter (as advertised).

  • Mason

    Hiya fusion,

    The difficulty with creating plugin-specific sidebars is that it sidebars have to be built into the theme.

    That being said, we are focusing on releasing some themes this year that are built specifically for a plugin (We have a couple already for MarketPress in GridMarket and SimpleMarket).

    For now though, I think Widget Logic is the best solution for ya. We're always looking for better ways of tackling this and have some cool stuff planned for 2012 in this arena.


  • Jeffrey Beer

    I'd think you could simply allow allow the creation of custom sidebars, then assign them to the page being used. If you provided basic templates for your plug-ins, this would be very easy to accomplish.

    How hard would it be to add templates for MarketPress, for example, based on the standard theme page template? Should take an experienced developer about half a day, I'd think. It would add a lot of value, and cut way down on support requests.

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