Sidebar Widgets Not Showing All Services/Providers/Open Calendar Days!

I have three services and tried using the sidebar service widget to display them. I set the widget to show 3 services but it only displays the first 2 services in the sidebar.

This does the same for the service provider widget…

and using the calendar widget displays all greyed out appoinments I guess because no service or provider is selected so you cannot click on anything on the calendar!

Does Appointments+ provide some widgets?

Yes. Appointments+ has Services and Service Providers widgets which provides a list of service or service providers with links to their description pages and a Monthly Calendar widget that redirects user to the selected appointment page when a free day is clicked.

There is no free days without updating either provider or service so not sure how the calendar can work from the sidebar?

When this is corrected a way to add the service /proivders/calendar by id’s in the widget would be nice :slight_smile: instead of jus t how many to show. This way could drag as many widgets over as you wanted and give different titles to each.

example: a tick box to either show certain number of services or tick by to show services by id’s 1,3,5,7