Sidebar widgets not showing on home page

Hi, I am using the Business theme, a child version which allows custom menus. I created a page called Home. In the WordPress Settings>Reading area, I chose the front page to be a static page and I chose my new page called Home to be the page that shows as front page. I also created a custom menu for my top navigation bar and put this Home page as the first page in the menu. But, for some reason, my sidebar widgets (all chosen in Appearance>Widgets), show on every page except for this new Home page. In the sidebar area on this page it says "Please log in and add widgets to this column.", then it has an Add Widgets link next to that. When I click on that link it simply takes me to the same widget settings page as Appearance>Widgets and all of the widgets I chose are already there. How do I get them to show on this new Home page I created. My website is at