sidebars for Marketpress shop pages

I have created a sidebar for the online store on our website and selected it for the main “store” page but does not appear. I would also like to have the same sidebar on all store pages, like the product pages. Is this possible? I couldn’t find anything under “store settings”. Thank you!

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    MarketPress on the font end is generated through a page, the default theme template is page.php. As such any widget you put on for normal pages should appear on all MarketPress pages unless of course you have something custom going on or your theme is doing something?

    The plugin wouldn’t have settings for sidebars, that’s handled by WordPress.

    Take care.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey again.

    Are there no updates available for the theme?

    Some themes do custom stuff for pages and posts and other post types so it’s real hard to say for sure what the issue is, but ya MarketPress is pulled through a normal page so it should be fine.

    Which theme is it? A free one somewhere?


  • juliakooshop
    • New Recruit

    Thanks Timothy! I tried updating to 4.2 and although the widget page worked, all the galleries went haywire… Every embedded gallery displayed broken links for the actual gallery images and then went on to display my entire media library!!! I would rather show proper galleries than have fancy sidebars:slight_frown: It’s a pity I have to choose one or the other. I’m in contact with the theme developer. Hopefully he can find the problem.

    Btw I switched to the Twenty Eleven theme and there was no problem with sidebars and the widget page worked! Thanks for your input!

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Well it’s good you found it now working but if you heavily depend on galleries and you need them… Well I can imagine the frustration.

    Please do keep me updated with what happes with the theme developer and this issue. I’m always interested :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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