Sie running slow due to multiple plugins & css


I have a developement buddypress site with multiple plugins running and it has started to go really slow. It's on a VPS and the server guys say it's working fine their end.

Yslow reports;

Grade F on Make fewer HTTP requests

This page has 47 external Javascript scripts. Try combining them into one.
This page has 36 external stylesheets. Try combining them into one.
This page has 34 external background images. Try combining them with CSS sprites.

There are some plugins like WP Minify and WP CSS and WP JS whihc reportedly fix this issue caused by the multiple plugins calling thier respective files.

Any advice, suggestions comments re this issue, and let's face it, I'm using all these great WPMU Dev plugins and can't be the first to come across ths issue.

I need to get this perfomance issue resolved before the site goes live, so feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I also saw the Sarah Gooding article about zlib compression and have that beinig addressed but I believe the above issue might be the main cause to be resolved.

I can't use WP Supercache either as I need to serve in ads and dynamic content into sidebars via widgets etc, so static pages won't work for me.

Lookign forward to replies