Form tries to go to http://wp-login.php/ instead of

For some reason when I try to log in with a test account, it attempts to load http://wp-login.php/ (which of course returns a 404) instead of (which it shouldn't be loading anyway because it's supposed to redirect to the homepage on login). I poked around trying to find solutions, but no luck. Below are some details that may be helpful.

1. I confirmed that the user account i created was assigned to the correct member role.

2. I confirmed that the user role had the correct permissions to view the admin pages.

3. I have tried to set the login redirect to, but it still always tries to go to the wp-login.php.

4. The signup/signin button is located on a test page at if you want to try it.

5. Another symptom that may be related (or not) is that when a new user is created in the system, the welcome email that includes the password is never received by the user. I have a suspicion of what caused this, and will be working on it while I await a response. I can't really imagine how this would be relevant, but I'm pointing it out because you won't be able to create a new user account on your own until i fix it. If you want me to set up a test account for you, let me know.

6. My permalinks settings are set to "post name", so no funky custom settings there that might interfere with the url path.

Thanks so much for your help!