Sign-Up disappears when 'Only logged in users can create new blogs'

Hi Folks,

This is just a bit of a heads-up for anyone out there as dumb as me :stuck_out_tongue:

I started this issue over here on a different thread, so I thought I'd best do the right thing and make a new topic.

The Issue: The 'Sign-Up' Button disappeared from my BP Scholar Theme. (I also tested a couple of other BP Themes and the same thing happened. But it didn't happen on Nelo...hence my confusion).

The cause: In Site Admin > Options, I had altered my 'Allow New Registrations' config from 'Enabled. Blogs and user accounts can be created.' to 'Only logged in users can create new blogs.'

Now call me fussy, or stupid, but I didn't know of even consider that selecting 'Only logged in users can create new blogs.' either implied that users could no longer sign-up or would disable registration altogether....especially when there's a 'Disable' selector at the top.

I mean, how does a user login unless they have signed-up? Yes I know that the admin could do it manually on application/invitation, but that's hardly clearly specified is it? And with such a significant outcome, I reckon it would help if it was a bit clearer..

Perhaps it may be helpful to alter the instructional text under that dialogue so that it is a bit clearer?

Ideally, and I suppose this is turning into a suggestion, I would like Users to be able to sign-up but not create their own blogs unless they ask (which is what I thought 'Only logged in users can create new blogs' did).

As usual, if I'm missing the completely obvious here, I'm well up for having it pointed out :slight_smile:

Oh! And Tammie, if you happen to read this, thanks for trying to help on the other thread :slight_smile:


Stephen G