Significant Limitation in Pro Sites - Network Upload Limit Linked to zero level site

The Network Limit Upload File size in the Network Setting is tied with the pro site setting for the zero level site. Which is required for limiting file upload space.

HOWEVER the Network Admin Upload space seems to be tied to that lowest level, Level zero.
And even when assigning the main blog to a higher level pro site, the Network Admin interface is still associated with the lowest level.

This is a SIGNIFICANT limitation, as this means the network super admin can not upload files to the network beyond the Level Zero space allocation.

Either the Network Admin should be unassociated with the space allocation limitation, or it should adopt the Main Blog Pro Site Level.

Please look into this.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Ramiel!

    The only setting which will apply to the Super Admin is the Network Upload limit set in your Network Settings, the super admin isn't affected by Pro Site upload limits.

    You shouldn't need to change the Network Upload settings to match your level zero settings, Pro Sites will control that for you. With the network limit set to the level zero settings, you're overriding all other Pro Site settings here. Change the network settings to reflect what you want your access to be, and control your Pro Site level upload limits via the Pro Site settings.

    Hope this helps!

  • Sacred Website

    I just did a test right now.
    I am not getting results as expected. The plugin is forcing the enabling of the site upload limit in the Network Settings.
    The Network Settings Limit (not able to uncheck it), is over riding the Lowest Level Prosite limit.
    So if the Network Setting is 500MB, and Level 0 is set to 100MB in Pro Sites. 500 MB is enabled on the site, upgrading to a higher level example Level 1 at 1 GB, does increase the upload limit in the Media Dash to that. However, if the Network Setting is set to 1 GB, and the site is set as a Pro Site Level lower than that, it still shows the 1GB limit (even if the site is at a Level below that limit)

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Ramiel!

    Would you mind letting me take one more look at your settings, or grab a screenshot of your level upload settings, your network upload limit, and the blog upload setting (go to network dashboard > sites > all sites > edit, scroll alllll the way to the bottom.) Which of these is grayed out for you?

    If you wouldn't mind enabling support access, I can take another look here to make sure there aren't accidentally two conflicting settings.

    Thanks Ramiel!