Signing in from my wordpress site

I just started the 14 day trial and I can't log in. I get an error for both the password and for the username (email) and therefore I cannot use the plugin on my present site. It will not let me add my website in the startup instructions . . . I'm baffled. Samantha LaRue got me started. I am sure I created an account . . . otherwise how could I have downloaded the plugin etc. Please let me know how to start this. I haven't seen a theme that you have that looks promising for a site that will look more like a newspaper or magazine so I'm not sure I want one of your themes. If you have confidence that I can change them to look and feel like the experience I want to give my readers then it would be nice to get some advice on what platform I might try to transfer my posts and articles into. But the question at this point is how do I get access to use this stuff? If I can't login through the plugin I am at a standstill.

After hunting all over the site I finally found the place where I could change and fix my signin. I'm in. now so I guess all is right with the world.