Signup Code not compatible with Buddypress

Hi there

I’m running a BuddyPress site with no multisite.

The signup code plugin says that it’s compatible with BuddyPress – but when I activate it I get an error message saying:

The Signup Code plugin is only compatible with WordPress Multisite.

Can this please be fixed to work with BuddyPress as stated – I don’t need or want multisite.



  • Robert
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I know this is an old topic; but the problem is still there, so I am marking this as Not Resolved.

    I have been impressed by WPMU and the support here, but this one plugin is very poor service. The plugin introduction says:

    “There are a few ways that you can limit signups to your Multisite or BuddPress network – via restricted email domains or limiting signups to existing members (or just yourself) only.

    This plugin adds another way – the ability for you to set a signup code that stops any new visitors from creating an account unless they know the code!”

    Notice the first sentence say “Multisite or Buddpress(sic)” not “Multisite or Buddypress that is also running Multisite”.

    Personally, I would love this to work with Buddypress as this is the last piece in the puzzle I am trying to pull together for my site, particularly as the excellent looking Secure Invites code is currently out of date with the latest BP.

    However, at the very least, this plugin should not completely break a site, to the point where the admin has to go via FTP to remove the plugin.

    Surely it can be easy to:

    a. Change the intro text on WPMU; and/or

    b. check if Multisite is running before running the install.

    Ideally, this would work on Buddypress (without Multisite) and I would be super-happy. But if that’s not possible, please please don’t mark this as resolved until it is, one way or another.



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