Signup Code not sending notification email


I'm running Buddypress with Bay To Blog.

The signup form has a field to provide the signup code, but does not send a notification.

I'm srue I have the correct TOS plugin.

Kind regards,

  • tishimself


    I tested with only the Sign Up plugin and it worked the same way. There is no notification email.

    Seems I misunderstood, there is no mechanism provided to give the signup code to a potential registrant. They simply have to be given it somehow b4 they signup.

    Well, at least it has stopped the spammers for registering along with everyone else while I figure out what to do. Maybe this new Membership plugin will save the day when it is released.

    Kind Regards,

  • SooBahkDo


    I am using the signup code 1.0.1 plugin on WPMU 2.9.2 & Buddypress with WPMU Corporate
    Child theme 1.2 at

    I also used it on lower versions of both and experienced the same outcome described below.

    The signup code field appears in the admin panel and I have entered different signup codes, but spammers continue to register and create blogs. I have tried different very complex signup codes and changed my admin WPMU password, etc. to very complex ones, but spam registrations continue. In some cases the spam blogs would have multiple legitimate users attached to them. Also I am not receiving notification emails when these registrations occur even though I have that option selected in the plugin. It seems that some aspect of the plugin is not functioning fully.

    What should I look for that would be allowing spammers to circumvent the signup code feature or what might be causing the email notifications to fail?

    This plugin is exactly what we need for this private site, but it does not seem to be functioning correctly for some reason.

    Phil Duncan

  • SooBahkDo

    Hi Andrew,

    I am definitely using the signup plugin from here; however, I apologize for mistakenly associating the absence of email notifications with the plugin. I was referring to the default WordPress MU email notifications for new registrations. (see attached screenshot) That turned out to be an issue with the mail server and has been resolved.

    Previously, I had the AntiSplog plug in installed and activated, but lots of sites were still being created and when I installed the signup plugin I expected those to cease. Since mine is a private site with only about 150 anticipated users, the signup plugin seemed the perfect solution; however, it seems that it is being circumvented or the spammers are easily decipering complex signup codes like #$%6Ghri%677893-0-7#@1, etc.

    Since my first post about the signup plugin appearing to be circumvented, I changed the signup code again and still had over a dozen blogs and spammers register with the signup plug-in active. Is there a field in the MYSQL database that I can refer to in order to determine if the new registrants actually entered a signup code at the time of blog creation? That piece of information might provide a clue as to what is going on. Access to blogs created under one signup code are not affected when the signup code is changed are they?

    I ran an exploit scanner, but discovered nothing I recognized as suspicious. (Not that I am very well versered in such WPMU matters)

    Today as a process of elimination, I deactivated new registrations and will see if any new spolgs appear tomorrow.

    I have a half dozen sites and 4 WPMU ones, but this site seems plagued. In addition to this issue - or perhaps related to this issue, newly created blogs only live about 8-10 hours and then they all appear as broken links. Even the spammers splogs. I have built, deleted and rebuilt over two dozen blogs on the site with different themes. All work beautifully for a while, the crater. Some came back to life after a while inexplicably and some did not. Now this whole set has died.

    All appear in the MYSQL database and when I compare their data and their settings to the main site blog, I cannot discover any differences that would make them not display.

    I am just trying to determine if the apparent circumvention of the signup plugin might provide any clue to the reason for the dying blogs. Initially, I thought perhaps the spmmers accessing the site was corrupting something or contributing to the dying blogs, but even their blogs die, so that seems unlikely.

    I have read all the posts I can find about signup restrictions, disappearing blogs, DNS issues, etc. spammers, spammerd defenses, etc. and related issues, but remain unsure where to look for the source of the problems I am experiencing.

    Any suggestions appreciated.
    Phil Duncan

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