Signup Error Checking/Registration Problems


For the record, I’ve not been able to recreate most of these registration problems. I think human error is contributing.

That said, a signup process should be simple and intuitive, and if users do something wrong, they should receive feedback.

The site in question is

It’s built on the BuddyPress Magazine Theme, and is integrated with forums. Can some of you try the registration page, and let me know if you encounter any problems? I’ve made about 25 test email accounts and have not encountered the problems my client says her users are encountering.

Also, some users (10-15) are reporting that they can no longer post to the forums after previously being able to… forums work fine on my end, and the user accounts in question had not been moderated or blocked in any way.

Could database errors be contributing to the problem? Has anyone else encountered similar problems scaling up a site?

The site has an existing user-base from a previous incarnation of the site, and has grown fairly quickly. I’ve been planning on implementing Multi-DB but didn’t think it was necessary yet, as not that many active blogs have been created yet by users, though. Presently, the site is hosted on iPower shared hosting. If this isn’t sufficient, what kind of package is required to run a stable site with 5000 users?

We’d like to implement Facebook Connect once we get things stabilized. Does anyone have experience implementing this so that it works with new and existing users alike?

Also, has anyone added error checking logic to their registration page? LSM has many users that fall into an older segment, and while we’ve provided directions on the page, I don’t think it’s enough.


Benjamin Zalasky