Signup & Register pages Have Different Content in Buddy Community Themes


I have multi-site installed along with buddypress & wp-membership.

So I have a 'signup' page and a 'register' page in the Header Menu (both are by default). And a 'Signup Here' button in the Header Box of the 'Buddy Community Theme (by default).

The header menu 'signup' & header 'signup here' both appear to take me to the buddypress registration page (a page which I do not wish to use if at all possible).

The header menu 'register' takes me to the wp-membership page, which is the only page of the two I would preferably wish to use!

If I remove the 'signup' from the header, then the header takes me where I want to go.

But I am still have the 'signup here' button, which I need to either remove of ,ideally, redirect to the 'register' page.

So, in short can I redirect the 'signup here' button to the wp-membership registration page?

Is this possible, please?

Of course, I am assuming that my users do not have to make a Subscription Application and then create an Account. But if so then I guess that another advice issue!!