signup to view page plugin?

I am getting my butt kicked over here trying to locate a plugin that would allow me to insert a signup form that would then redirect to a specific page that is only accessed if the person enters their information first. The kicker here is that I don't want to make someone repeatedly enter the information to gain access to the page.

I have tried searching and wpmu but most of the plugins pertain to posts and not where you can specify an actual page.

Any suggestions?

  • DavidM

    Hi progresst,

    I'm not sure how you could go about the form validation that would apparently be needed, but the following outline for a general redirect could maybe be used:

    function login_site_redirect ( $redirect_to ) {
    $test = true;
    // your test code here
    if ($test){
    $redirect_url = '';
    else {
    $redirect_url = '';
    return $redirect_url;
    add_filter ( 'login_redirect', 'login_site_redirect', 10, 3 ) ;

    That could be inserted in your theme's functions.php file. Though as I hinted at, it really depends on what you're testing and how you're testing it.


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