Silly questions about ultimate facebook plugin

I am new, and trying hard. Sorry that I most likely missed the basics. Please be gentle :slight_smile:


I am running a Multisite install. I will have a main site, then sub sites (domains). I would like to provide access to all sites on my network to allow users to login via facebook. However, I would like to give individual sites the ability to list facebook pages, facepiles, etc.

1) Can this plugin do this? Or should I have two different plugins?

2) Shall I network Activate this, or just activate on my main site, and let individual sites add theirs?

3) Should I combine this plugin to use login, but a seperate plugin for facepiles, etc?

4) Can someone send me a link to documentation for dummies? :slight_smile:

Give example.

Dungeons and Dragons Nerds

-Local Club1

-Local Club2

I want people to use my API to login with facebook, which creates WP accounts on the network. However, I would like to retain the ability for local club1 and local club 2 to have thier own facebook pages, events, photo albums, etc.