Similarities and Differences Between Snapshot & BackupBuddy?

So the verdict isn't final yet, but it appears BackupBuddy is running away with the resources on our system when it tries to run a backup. The live logging of events stops, but the zip file continues to grow. Even after clicking "Cancel Backup" and it saying it's been canceled, this continues. We're not totally sure of this either, but it also is looking like it's causing corruption in the database, which causes further problems.

So I'm wondering, how similar is Snapshot to BackupBuddy? Is there much possibility of the same kind of behavior? Or is it being run on really large Multisites without issue? BackupBuddy has increasingly backed-off support and promotion of it's Multisite capabilities.

Also, is there any chance that Snapshot will be adding the ability to import and export individual sites on Multisite, to/from other Multisites as well as to a new single site? That's the only feature that's kept BackupBuddy installed on most of my sites of late... but if it's going to make everything slow for an hour, it's not worth it. Would be nice if somebody would make a competing (and more polished "non-beta" solution).