Simple Ads plugin saves Nothing

Hi There, it's been a while not begining a new topic

well, Today I have a problem with simple ads plugin,
what I love about this plugin is its idea of posting 2 different ads at the top and the bottom of every single post or page on you website.

I'm using wpmu 2.9.2, buddypress and scholar theme

I installed simple ads as illustrated and everything went smooth. Last night I generated 2 google codes for before_content & after_content and I put them there and I activated them to be displayed in posts as well as pages & made sure those ads are shown on the main blog. I saved everything & waited to see those ads for about an hour, but nothing. I thought at the begining it's google thing may be they didn't activate that codes yet, so i decided to go to sleep.

Today before washing my face even I looked to my pages and posts but still nothing
I suspected every thing except simple ads plugin, when I checked the simple ads panel I found Nothing, literally nothing ( No codes, all sitting disappeared).

I inserted those codes again and saved everything making sure those ads are shown on main blog. checked the posts again and again No ads

I went back and checked my codes and I found them gone again. so simple ads is not saving the codes for Now

any Ideas ?? please I need This plugin & I love it