Simple Expandable Content for Upfront / Builder


We are using an Upfront theme, and was wondering if there is a way to setup a simple expandable content block. I am just looking for something simple, where there is a link or toggle, that switches between the show and hide, while triggering the display, and hiding, of another container.
Another way of thinking about is a single Accordion panel, closed by default, with the panel title as a trigger to open and close the panel. It might be nice to have an additional link to close the panel either at the end of the panel's content or something that is more user intuitive like an X with toast description. The current Accordion panel does not allow for a single panel Accordion that is closed or have a trigger to close after it has been opened, but could work.
Is there a way to setup a simple expandable content block or otherwise modify the Upfront Accordion to do this? Please let me know.