Simple plugin dealing with $wpdb and buddy press

Hello there,

I've been trying to create this simple plugin that basically copies data from one table into another table and adds an activity_id to distinguish the data entered into table 2. I have a table 'wppl_friends_locator' that has members location that they have entered in through their profile. And another table 'wp_places_locator' where I want to store similar data. The plugin has one function and that is when an activity post is created/submitted it gets the current_users ID and matches it with the 'member_id' inside of the table 'wppl_friends_locator' to get the correct row data, once it's gathered the correct data I want to copy it into the table 'wp_places_locator' this table has the same column headings as the other table. Along with the data copied I want it to insert the activity_id into the 'post_id' column header for identification and search ability purposes.

The reason for this plugin is that I want my activities to be filtered/searched by location (the location would be the static location the user has entered into their profile) I'm using the plugin Geo-my-WP to add the locations and to search them. They use their custom table to do the searching.

Here is some code that I've put together with what I could find but it keep showing a Fetal Error when I try to activate it on my site.

Plugin Name: BP Activity Geolocation V7
Plugin URI:
Description: This plugin adds extra feature to BuddyPress Activity updates allowing users to search activity posts
Version: 7.0.0
Author: Josue Cherryholmes
Author URI:
Text Domain: bp-activity--locations

// Exit if accessed directly
if (!defined( <code>ABSPATH</code> ) ) exit;

// Add location to post meta when posting update, location is gathered from geo-my-wp table in db
add_action('bp_activity_posted_update' , 'bpal_update_meta_on_post_update', 10,3);
function bpal_update_meta_on_post_update( $activity_id, $user_address, $post_data ) {
    global $wpdb, $current_user;

    $activity_post_id       = 'post_id';
    $street                 = 'street';
    $city                   = 'city';
    $state                  = 'state';
    $zipcode                = 'zipcode';
    $address                = 'address';
    $lat                    = 'lat';
    $long                   = 'long';

    $user_address = $wpdb->get_row( $wpdb->prepare(
        INSERT INTO     $wpdb->prefix . 'places_locator' (
                        street, city, state, zipcode, address, lat, long )
        SELECT          street, city, state, zipcode, address, lat, long
        FROM            wppl_friends_locator
        WHERE           $current_user->ID = 'member_id'
        ) ); 

        $wpdb->insert( wppl_friends_locator, $activity_id, '%d' );

        $results ( $user_address );


Any help is much appreciated.