simple registration page that also has a clever mailto: link

We just got a WPMUDev subscription and couldn't be more excited! We want to hype the wordpress site we're developing ( by putting a registration page there next week.

One which invites users to leave their e-mail address so we will provide them access to one week ahead of everyone else. There is a strong business focus so we're targeting also a lot of people with Outlook on their desktop.

We'd like to leave users the option to enter their e-mail address or click a button with a mailto: (subject and title prefilled) that allows people to send this e-mail via their client. (often we capture their e-mail signature with all their details this way as well).

Is it possible to make such a button that triggers both the message: "if your e-mail program doesn't open, try this...) and the mailto link at the same time.

In case mailto doesn't work properly, users can be aware of the second option (fill in e-mail address anyway?) and we don't lose them if their mailto is not properly configured.

At this stage we just need to capture a list of e-mail addresses, it is not a newsletter, users will receive a mail when the site opens and not a regularly scheduled mail like a newsletter.

Which of your plugins do you recommend as a basis for this, ideally we see the list of e-mail addressed somewhere in the WP backend and can download it as an Excel list as well.

Many many thanks for your help & advice!

We are planning to use the X template (Ethos) at this stage but we are watching the development with your Upfront template closely. As that matures into a V1, we'd like to switch to upfront. I am certainly going to test Upfront on a simple brochure website.

Serge :slight_smile: