Simple single column theme

I'm trying to determine the best way to give my users a secondary blog to display an iframe of 600x2400px property-search page.

My first thought was to just use a simple one-page, one-column html template with links back to their blog and charge them a setup fee, but I wonder if using a very plain them in wpmu (such as that is only used for "blogs" of this type might have more flexibility and some SEO advantages or something.

Anyone have any advice?

  • maxaud

    What about a basic theme template which allows they to enter theme options for things such as:

    - property search iframe url
    - agent contact information, navigation links?

    I'm a Realtor here in Idaho and found that that is one of the better ways to do it.

    Another way to do it would be a page template within their blog where they can define a iframe url via custom field (or theme option).

    Interested in seeing other options/ideas people have.

  • Christopher Price

    Thanks Maxaud,

    I played around a bit with page templates, the biggest challenge is that I can't do that for every template. Additionally, that would create a real hassle when upgrading.

    That's how I came to think about using just one specialized template that could kind of blend in with whatever else they might be using. I see this page as supplemental to their niche blog and their company template site. Sort of a rider. Whatever it is, it's got to be easy to duplicate.

    BTW, fantastic piece you wrote here:

  • maxaud

    I'd say that a seperate theme would be the way to go then since you don't want to deal with updates and a page template format wont work with all of your themes.

    With this, you may be able to create a simple theme that is very powerful at the same time.
    A theme where the user can define different items in the theme options page such as:

    - iframe url
    - company logo
    - agent mugshot
    - agent phone number
    - link colors
    - background color
    - navigation links
    - etc.

    Pertaining to the post about WannaNetwork, thanks!
    It was a cool project to build and a sad one to see go.