Simple Site Maps Tricks + 1 bug

First of this has been a pain in my .... well you guys know were i am going

1) The trick edit simple-sitemaps.php

Look for line 39 and just change it to the number of posts you want to see in your site map I have change mine to 500 and have tested it with Google WebMaster tools it will submit 500 urls to them SWEET that is what i wanted :slight_smile:

@WPMU DEV please let me know if you guys can not do this for us in the new version of the cool plug

2) IS SITE MAPS "MADE ON THE FLY" i have tested this and retested it and i say yes what do you guys say.

I have looked in these locations and i dont see any site map files so this is telling me that files are made on the fly :slight_smile:


PS also take note of our new file system @Mustafa Uysal thank you for setting this up will still do a post for you guys about file limits in linux

3) The Bug it works but i need to have it filtered it must only show posts from not from any outher domain i have listed on

This is from Google Webmaster Tools
This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location.

This is making sense to me as it is not part of and that is why Google is having a pain with it

I am using to pull all content from all blogs on so that is why i am seeing the clubspa urls.

Is there know easy way of adding a filter to the Simple Sitemaps to only allow url from the main domain name :slight_smile:

I hope you guys can help out here as this is one of those ones i just can do that is why i am asking :slight_smile: