simple solution required

Hi, I have spent two days installing different plugins, themes etc and am still no further.

I want a very simple site that users can register with extended profile information. They will pay to register. I want the theme to be mobile ready with unregistered mobile users reading the profile details only.

I have tried combination of multi site with members directory, buddypress, membership, pro site, different themes. No combination seems to allow me to simply extend the wordpress default profile fields, add a paid membership plug in and give mobile compatibility. (I have tried many mobile plugins - wptouch, bp mobile etc. All seem to have compatibility issues)

Am I missing something. Every option I have tried so far, seems excessively complicated for what seems to be a simple site. Serving contact detail page to mobile devices.

  • DavidM

    Hi harryhayes,

    Depending on how exactly you'd like it all to work, you could potentially just use Membership along with BuddyPress.

    BuddyPress itself provides for pretty extensive customization of profile/registration fields and the latest version of Membership integrates perfectly with that so that you could provide those fields during the registration process.

    Membership would also allow you to effectively disable the aspects of BuddyPress you might not want, like private messaging.

    Going with that, you might require some customization of whatever theme you end up using, in order to get it all to look and work more like a member directory, assuming that's what you're after.

    Have you looked at that combination?


  • DavidM

    Oh, I forgot you mentioned a mobile theme!

    And actually, the latest version of BuddyPress, which you very likely had installed, comes with a fully mobile compatible theme. The BuddyPress Default theme is now responsive, it adjusts to fit whatever device it's on.

    That means you wouldn't need to use a plugin to make it mobile compatible. It also means it'll work perfectly well on an iPad.


  • harryhayes

    Hi David

    Looking promising. Thank you.

    I wonder if you could also offer some advice for another project which is confusing me somewhat.

    I have 40 sites, location based, which will serve news about the area they are based.

    I want contributors to be able to sign up and log into a single site to submit content which then auto serves to the 40 location sites.

    I imagine I will need the membership plugin for the front end but, due to a lack of knowledge, do not know if this site should be installed as a multisite with individual blogs for each contributor, each sending posts independently to the location sites OR alternatively, each sending data to the main site which then serves the location sites in turn.

    Also, if using this structure, I am not sure if I should include these location sites as part of the multi site installation and then redirect or map the domain names to the main multi site.

    Alternatively, I wonder if I should not use a multisite installation at all and install each with a copy of Wordpress and feed content with rss to post. Contributors will then simply be authors on the main site. Perhaps this could then be a multi site hosting our location sites alone.

    Please help, I am so confused but really need to get this right before I start.

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