Simple text changes to page not saving while using Upfront editor


We are trying to make a simple text change on a page through Upfront editor, but it will not save. The page we are trying to edit is:

To replicate the issue:
1) Go to the page mentioned above and activate the Upfront editor.
2) Make a simple text change (add a period somewhere or something not very noticeable)
3) Click "Update" in the left-side panel. It says "Published" after a few seconds.
4) Viewing the page in a new tab, the changes are not there.

We are hosted at WP Engine, which does have caching, but even when clearing the cache multiple times it does not show the changes.

When making the changes in the normal Wordpress backend, they save fine even without clearing the cache. But they do not save when editing through Upfront and our client specifically uses Upfront to manage the site.

Any help getting the Upfront editor to save these changes would be very much appreciated.

We recently updated to the latest version of Upfront and Scribe Theme, so it may be related to this.

Thank you,