SimpleMarket the number of item in cart not updating

Hello there,

I’m using SimpleMarket with MarketPress as my parent theme and I have created some template files in my child theme for customization. I would like to ask about a MarketPress function, mp_items_count_in_cart, which is used to display the # of items in the shopping cart. I have put the shopping cart widget and the code mp_items_count_in_cart the sidebar.php in my child theme folder then I tested it by adding a product. The shopping cart works perfectly by showing the product in the cart instantly at the moment I click ‘add to cart’, but the number from mp_items_count_in_cart is not updating. It only updates when I manually refresh the page.

May I ask if anyone knows the solution to fix this? I think it is the SimpleMarket theme problem rather than MarketPress because when i’m looking at the GridMarket theme the number works and updates instantly.

Thank you very much and any help would be appreciated!

– littlemkv