I keep having a go at downloading simplemarket and it comes up as – no plugin in this file or folder. I have tried it loads of times and each time the file and zip and folder are empty. thanks Barbara

  • barbaraburgess
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi, I tried the upload as a theme and that worked but it obviously changed the theme of my site which I do not want.

    Does simplemarket show up as a shop on the page marked shop?

    I also tried this plugin and this is the result:

    ‘The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.’

    Goodness knows what is going on!



  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops


    Simplemarket is a Theme, not a plugin, so installing it will affect your site’s theme, as you have seen.

    If you are looking for an ecommerce solution you might want to check out Marketpress.

    The Simplemarket theme was built to be use with that particular plugin. :slight_smile:

    This should clear things up a bit, if not please let me know.



  • julie_holmes
    • New Recruit

    Hi, I am trying to install the simplemarket theme to the marketpress plugin and only that not where it changes the entire site theme. Is this possible ? I am new to this and just cant figure out why under the marketpress presentation it shows I can download and install it assuming it only affects the store style NOT the entire site. I want a theme on the marketpress because at the moment the store is only showing as text with no fancy graphical interface.



  • julie_holmes
    • New Recruit

    Hi Kimberly,

    thanks for your reply but I am still totally confused. Didnt I say I had the MarketPress plugin and was trying to use the SimpleMarket theme with it?

    So how do I apply the SimpleMarket Theme to the MarketPress plugin without it changing the entire site theme.

    Im honestly about to dump MarketPress totally and wish Id been able to test it before I purchased it.

    thank you


  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops


    Simplemarket is a Theme.

    Marketpress gives you the display so that you can download a theme that was made to work with Marketpress specifically

    Any theme will change the layout of your whole site. I’ve not experienced a plugin specific theme, ever. You can change the look of your store by adding Marketpress specific css to your theme’s css file. This is what the style dropdown offers in the Presentation Tab, various ways to display your marketpress features.

    I am very sorry for the confusion.



  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Hi julie_holmes!

    Don’t give up on MarketPress so quickly. It truly is one of the easiest e-commerce platforms you will find. What you can do is activate multisite, and create a site for your store. Then each site you create can have its own theme. So simple market theme on your store site; and whatever theme you like on your other site. The manuals make switching to a multisite pretty simple, and the staff or just about any member will be able to help you through it. Here is a link to the manuals, be sure to read them before you get started. Enjoy!

    I am also about to teach a man from Taiwan about WP basics and WP MultiSite starting on 07.16.2012 You are more than welcome to join in. There is a little language barrier, so the teachings will be very simple English, and lots of Screen Shots. Thanks julie_holmes!

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there all, hope you are well!

    Just checking in to see how things are going and if you need further assistance.

    As you noted SimpleMarket is a theme, a theme will theme your website. If you change the theme you change from the previous one.

    MarketPress is a plugin, (SimpleMarket is built for this plugin but it isn’t a requirement) MarketPress should work within any theme coded to modern WordPress standards. Occasionally a little css might needed to beautify something.

    So I’m confused, if you don’t wish to change the theme why are you installing the SimpleMarket theme?

    If you do then please feel free to reopen this thread or create a new one.

    Take care and have a fantastic day!

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