Simplifying Plugin Admin Screens [Controversial]

First, let me say this thread may be considered controversial. But in the interest of improving the user experience for WPMU bloggers (and making life a little simpler for WPMU admins), I think it's a worthwhile "white label" discussion.

Many WP plugins have admin/config screens with "extra" info and DIV boxes that most likely aren't relevant to WPMU end-users. For example:

- Click here to Donate
- Upgrade to the Premium edition!
- Latest News/RSS from {Plugin Author}
- Other plugins from {Plugin Author}
- Certain Dashboard widgets get the idea.

Quick Disclaimer
I'm all for supporting (donating to) plugin authors if they do good work, but for WPMU this is most likely going to fall on the Admins who installed the plugin, rather then the end users. I (as the network admin) am probably 100x more likely to donate cash to a developer than one of my clients (many of whom are non-technical folks struggling just to learn basic WP for the first time).

Suffice it to say, I'm interested in a generic way to override certain panels on certain third-party plugins that we use on our WPMU network.

Potential Solutions
1. Hack each plugins' code and comment out the stuff you don't want. But then as soon as you upgrade, they're back again.

2. Create a special admin CSS file and selectively set certain div boxes to display:none;

3. Create a site-wide plugin that (a) creates a list of the active plugins, and (b) filters out boxes you don't want for each plugin.

if (is_plugin_active('plugin-directory/plugin-file.php')) {
    //plugin is activated
    //remove or hide xxxx div boxes or lists

Other Benefits
1. Certain plugins, like Redirection for example, have extra config options (like 404 logging) that I don't want my users to turn on. I would love to be able to disable that option from the plugin.

2. We maintain a support site for our WPMU network with simple tutorials for each plugin. I would love to be able to inject a DIV box onto each plugin's options page with a link to our support tutorials.

Any thoughts from the community on this one? I was going to make a custom mu-plugin for our network, but this might be a cool one for WPMU DEV to develop generically.