Since BP 1.5.1 – dead links show up in my activity stream

My issue is very consistent so I can give good examples. Ever since I installed BP 1.5.1 update, I noticed in the activity stream that when people reply to each other, obviously a NEW update in the stream shows up, which is the person replying with some blockquotes containing what he/she is replying to, with a link called “view”. Whenever I click “view” (which I’m assuming is going to a permalink of the original message I’m replying to) it instead goes to what appears to be a blank columnless page. I’m using the Frisco theme, two columns, and both columns disappear, however, I get to see the icon/avatar of the person who made the post that is being replied to. The header file also shows up, as does the footer, but other than the user’s avatar everything else is blank. I’ve seen this same complaint several other places on the web, even here, but no one ever got a clear answer.

I should emphasize this issue wasn’t brought to my attention until I updated to BP 1.5.1.

Same thing also happens when someone clicks “like” (using the Buddypress Like plugin) and on the stream it shows “so-and-so likes so-and-so’s activity.” The word “activity” is hyperlinked, again I’m assuming a permalink to the content that was liked, and when you click it you go to the same exact type of page described above. Blank, with that person’s avatar who made the original post that is being liked.

Perhaps your best hint is the URL that shows up looks like this:

In wordpress, under the admin dashboard, under Settings, Permalinks are set to Day and name.

I realize the BP Like plugin hasn’t been compatible with Buddypress 1.5 for quite some time. I found a hack to make it work which has been fine until now. Thing is, it has the same issue as does anything else in the stream which brings about the “activity” or “view” permalinks. Switching themes doesn’t seem to make a difference, as I wanted to try more modern recently updated themes to see if it would help, and it hasn’t.

PLEASE assist with this, it’s a biggie!

I’m using Buddypress 1.5.1 and WordPress 3.2.1  … checked and all my plugins are updated. Theme is  Frisco for BuddyPress 1.5.04 by David Carson

Akismet version 2.5.3

All-in-One Event Calendar Plugin Version 1.0.9

bbPress Version 2.0

BuddyBar Widget Version 0.15

BuddyPress v. 1.5.1

BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier Version 1.0.3

BuddyPress Activity Plus Version 1.2.1

BuddyPress Album Version

BuddyPress Docs Version 1.1.15

BuddyPress Like Version 0.0.8

BuddyPress Mobile Version

BuddyPress Private Messages for Friends Only Version 1.1

BuddyPress Template Pack Version 1.2

BuddyPress Usernames Only Version 0.58

Custom Login Version 0.9.4

Flash Video Player with HTML5 Version 1.2

MediaElement.js – HTML5 Audio and Video Version 2.2.5

oEmbed for BuddyPress Version 0.6-beta

oEmbed for Comments Version 0.6

podPress Version

Private BuddyPress Version 1.0.4

RS Buddypress Activity Refresh Version 1.5

W3 Total Cache Version

WordPress Hashcash Version 4.6

WP-DBManager Version 2.63

WP-Polls Version 2.62

WP Best Practices Version 1.2

WP Widget Cache Version 0.25.4