Since I am using PayPal's IPN for another site and can't

Since I am using PayPal's IPN for another site and can't have 2 different sites running at the same time, I decided to give Stripe a try. Signed up and set everything to TEST. So far so good, nice interface, seemed fairly straight forward. I added my webhook url into my Stripe settings, made sure my API keys were the test keys, double chedked my currencies, and saved everything. I tried processing a test payment on my main site (so far the only one I have). The test failed, saying there were "no such plans". So I did some reading around in the forums and it seems that if the plans had already existed, they wouldn't be synced. So I went to the plan screen, changed a few minor things, and re-saved them. Stripe STILL doesn't show them, and when processing a test payment, I still got the error. So I set up a new user/site. Went thru the motions. Got to the upgrade screen and received the same error. I then went back to Stripe to delete all my test data and regenerated new keys and tried again. Now I'm getting the first error again, "The Stripe Token was not generated correctly." Now when I go back to the Pro Sites -> Manage Sites screen and edit the test account I created, I see that it has an associated "Stripe Customer ID" (with a generated code presumably from Stripe) but no way to delete it (now that it doesn't exist on the Stripe end because I deleted all test data). I really like the look and feel of Stripe, and want the ability to process cards right inside my site, but am having difficulties getting it set up. Can anybody help? Thanks.