since i upgrade can not post to face book

i am using Version 2.1 of ultimate facebook and wp 3.2.2 since i have up graded i am getting this error on all post this tool tries to make.

May 3, 2012 3:02 am Unknown post_on_facebook exception OAuthException: (#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action

i have validated that the access is granted. i have also removed the access and reapplied it even created a new application and get the same issue each time.

this is not the first time that i have taken un update of this plugin only to have it not work.

i need some help to get this working again.


    Greetings cliffhoelz,

    this is not the first time that i have taken un update of this plugin only to have it not work.

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the new upgrade.

    After viewing the change log to the upgrade I can see there is new currently undocumented change:

    - Added new permissions level (extras).

    This is where I believe the problem is at and please check this level of permissions to see if in fact will fix your installation.

    On my test site I am not getting this message, but just by chance I was working a different ticket regarding Ultimate Facebook and set all the permissions that were available obviously lucking out.

    In the worst case scenario if we cannot get it to work even with developer assistance, we can always roll it back to the previous version, therefore do not despair we can get this working again one way or the other.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe


    where do i find the "level of permissions" in facebook or in the plugin. i have looked in the plugin and do not see it also i do not see it in facebook under the Advanced tab of the app.

    also in the comments section i have sites listed that are not mine now.


    Greetings cliffhoelz,

    The entire support team is waiting for clarification from the lead developer of Ultimate Facebook on the changes that have taken place.

    I believe I accessed these through the Grant Extended permissions originally but now when I test I get the log in and then the pop up window closes and nothing further.

    However, for my own sanity and efforts to figure out what is now going on here, I am going to try to get the lead developer in here to tell us what is going on and then hopefully not only can we resolve your issues but have the knowledge to resolve the others as well.

    Though this may take a bit longer then a normal ticket, i will try to get him in here asap.

    Cheers, Joe


    ok the plug in is 2.1 and i have reinstalled it. here is one of the strange things these are the pages it says i admin:

    Clifford Hoelz
    US Open Borders
    Protect our 2nd Amendment Rights
    Gun Rights for ALL
    Herman Cain PAC
    Arizona Project
    Tim K Bowers
    Supernatural Radio Network
    UK Ghosts
    BigT Dragon Art
    Helens Scrapbook
    Test Valley Jujitsu Academy
    Ghost Fest North West
    The Rock Show On Penwith Radio
    Paranormal Competitions
    The Real Twilight Zone
    Paranormal Experiences
    Supernatural World
    Haunted Locations
    Xperience Celebrations
    Bermuda Wired
    Haunted England - Paranormal Search Engine
    Paranormal Times - Paranormal Comics
    American Media Network

    and these are the pages i do admin

    Clifford Hoelz
    US Open Borders
    Protect our 2nd Amendment Rights
    Gun Rights for ALL
    Herman Cain PAC
    Arizona Project
    American Media Network

    I think this could be where some of the problem is coming from. i was hopping a full uninstall would clear out the data but no luck.

    if you want access to the system i will give it to you. i depend on this plugin and this is causing us a lot of extra work.


    Greetings cliffhoelz,

    The ongoing OAuthException: (#200) with Facebook or rather the Ultimate Facebook plugin is an unresolvable issue to date due to the following reasons which includes an approximate timeline:

    March 2012 (exact date unknown) Facebook announces that it will deprecate (discontinue) Offline access to Facebook via their API beginning May 1st.

    My opinion of what this means and why:

    What does this mean: that auto-posting with Facebook will no longer work as in the past. That a person must be in fact logged into Facebook to make any posts.

    Facebook Motivation:

    To recapture the traffic lost by the feature of this API forcing users back onto Facebook to put there ads etc. back into their faces which was lost by virtue of the previous API allowing offline posting.

    Further negative Facebook actions/policies:

    Now if you want to post to a page, not only do you have to be logged in to FB, but you also have to be a page admin. Same probable motivation as given above.

    Ultimate Facebook 2.0.1 which currently still works, will quit working around the beginning of June due to Facebook's final killing of the old API permissions.

    What can be done about this:

    Not much except turning the auto posting feature off. It is certain that if there is in fact a workaround in the future or a way to re-incorporate this feature back into Ultimate Facebook WPMU Dev developers will be on it and make it happen, but for now and into the foreseeable near future this feature is for all intents and purposes null.

    We are sorry that Facebook has in fact chosen to take this path. We do understand why though we do not agree with the tactic.

    Until further notice, this subject and feature are unfortunately closed.

    Hopefully this will possibly open back up in the future though we have our reservations.

    Sincerely, Joe


    Hmmm. I just enter my credit card number after reading ads of the Ultimate Facebook plugin and spend half a day to make it up and running, and... Why do you still say that you can post to the FB and how can I get my money back?