Since WPMU dashboard updated can't make text decorations to post

Hey Team,

Since updating the WPMU dashboard tonight I can't make any text decorations to my post. Previous to the update I made changes to a post without issue.

The issues is when I enter upfront on my post to make changes to text such as changing text to H4. The change gets made, I save successfully then go to view the change and for some reason the changes are not coming though.

Post I'm working on:
Theme: Spirit

Steps to replicate issue:
1. Go to URL
2. Get into upfront to edit the page
3. Double click to enter content area. Highlight a heading and change to H4 (or any heading type)
4. Save
5. Jump out of upfront edit view
6. Page will not have changes saved

As this error is occurring after the update, I feel there is no need for me to go through the support flow chart as per support guidelines.

Can I please have some direction in regards to correcting this issue I am having?