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Is there an existing plugin that allows MU to use a singular category structure i.e. only one term/taxonomy for ALL blogs?

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    hi - this is for an existing mu portal that uses the same category structure for each new blog. I want all my blogs to use the main category (and not a copy of it). New blog owners must be able to add posts to these categories.

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    I am using my blogs as towns i.e.
    the town blogs all use the same category structure i.e.
    Business Services > DIY > Tools >
    I have used category descriptions for each category and also installed the category meta plugin allowing me to add meta descriptions and keywords for category pages.
    In each category, a number of business are listed as posts and use these categories.
    In my search, I using the category keywords to bring up these listings so I dont have to tag each listing (they will be numerous)
    In my theme, I have used category ID's all over the place.

    What I want to do is use the same theme for each new town, but this will reference the category ID's incorrectly if I let WP set up the categories as defaults for a new blog - the ID's will all be different.

    I want my theme to reference a single category structure no matter which town it is appplied to.
    I want posts to be able to be added to these categories.

    The only way I could do it without having a single structure is to copy the theme and category structure using a mysql tool, but then Ill have a theme and category structure for each new blog that is essentially exactly the same.

    Using the category names is not an option as they may change - its not good programming practice. The ID's are - but not in this case.

    any ideas? OR would someone like to write a plugin that does this for me?

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