Single choice doesn't show answer in admin

When i ask for a single choice, i can't see what is answered (when i'm in admin).
Also in the front i can't see what i've answered.
When i want to click Done again he keeps telling me that not al answers are filled. But i can't give the anwer again because it's grayed out (since i already gave the right answer)

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hi JTI,

    As admin you should be able to see answers in the Dashboard -> CoursePress -> Assesments. Then you choose your course from list, and click view in line of student and Unit you want to check.
    Does this not work for you?
    As for giving answers again - if you set attempt limit to 1 in your question in unit, then you can change it. Please, see the screen I've attached.

    Can you show me screens of what you see?

    Kind regards,

  • JTI
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Kasia,

    I'm aware that i can check the answers there. The problem is that i see the choices there, but not what the student has answered. Also as a student when i go back to my course (and view the question again) i don't see what i've answered before.
    Multiple choice works great though

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