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Can I use the Domain mapping plug in to redirect pages on my WordPress site to web site address such as That is to say that if someone put a real estate listing on my site say at could I use the Domain mapping plugin direct to that specific page?

  • DavidM

    Hi cyberspace and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Domain Mapping itself wouldn't allow you to route a domain to a particular page or url on your site. Instead, it would let you map a domain to a sub-site on your Multisite enabled network.

    If you have Multisite enabled, you can use Domain Mapping to route a domain to a sub-site where the listing exists. You could also setup the sub-site so that it goes directly to the listing, or displays the listing as the front page.

    Hope that helps, please let us know if you have further questions on this!


  • cyberspace

    I think what you mean is I then use domain mapping if I had a master main site and then each new listing would be a multisite such as and new listing would be . I understand that I could then use domain mapping to make into

    What plugin/plugins would be best to use to accomplish this? Could I create each new listing as a template where the home owner would then just fill in the blanks? The person would go to the main site, buy a membership which would provide them with their own page/site to fill out?

    I am trying to create a For Sale By Owner web site where people would pay a set fee and fill in their property information.

    Any suggestions?

  • DavidM

    Hi cyberspace,

    If it weren't for the need to have a domain name associated with the listing, I'd have to advise to go with using CustomPress to create a new Listing custom post type, or something like that, and then customizing your theme to display elements of that post type.

    There's a great example of that in the Showcase as follows:

    However, you wouldn't be able to utilize Domain Mapping in that case. I'm sure you could potentially route a domain name via a custom method but the plugin makes things much easier.

    If you go with the Multisite route, you could still use CustomPress to customize sites for real estate purposes. The New Blog Templates plugin comes in especially handy for creating templates of site in such a case, that would be used for the creation of new sites.

    You could also potentially use Post Indexer and its associated plugins to highlight or bring all these sub-sites and their content to the main site.

    Just to mention though, there was quite a bit of custom work involved in that showcase listing, and it sounds like you might have a fair degree of custom work involved here to bring it all together as well.

    That's especially the case in regard to the user interface of experience. By default, all these things would have be setup to some degree by users once they create a site. With a good degree of custom work, you can make that as simple as filling out a form.

    It's all definitely doable from what you've described, just may take a bit of custom work.


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