Single Sign-on for Facebook Login/Registration

Design - Users create sites which are viewable to other users and unregistered users.
ALL USERS register for the MAIN SITE. I don't want user-created sites to have their own users.

Single Login...all users created for Main Domain. I installed Simple Facebook Connect, and each site that exists on my network is being asked to enter Facebook API credentials.

Within my network I want all Registration and Login links to point to the mothership (main site).

Multi-Domains supports "single sign-on". I currently only have 1 domain, but think I may have others in the future. Should I use Multi-Domain to achieve the results I seek?


  • DavidM

    Seeing the popularity of a facebook connect plugin on the feature suggestion forum, hopefully we'll be able to remedy that facebook login issue you for you sometime soon.

    As it stands, I'm not sure how that would work alongside Multi-Domains. Have you tried out that combination?

    By default at least, the registrations on a multisite would point back to the main site. And the Login Redirect plugin should easily handle the matter of getting users routed back to the main site on logins. Multi-Domains wouldn't alter anything there but should work just fine alongside all that. I couldn't see any trouble with the scenario you've given unless the facebook plugin conflicted with Multi-Domains.

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