Single Site (not MU) social network plugins

It seems to me that there's a pretty big need for something like BuddyPress but for a single site on a Network install. BuddyPress (please correct me if I'm wrong) requires a Network Activation. However, if you're doing a Network site, not every site owner wants to see all the BuddyPress stuff. So, I thought that your suite of plugins (communities, forums, messaging, friends, chat) would be perfect. Not so, the only one that can be activated on a single site by "Activate on individual sites by going to the Plugins page in any Site Admin" is Chat. Mingle used to do this, but Mingle's not compatible with WordPress 3.1 Network install. If you could modify Communities, Forums, Messaging, and Friends to work on single sites instead of requiring Network activation that'd be GREAT.

  • DavidM

    Hi paire,

    I'll run that one by the team to see how that could work out. But I thought I should mention that if you use the Membership plugin, setup to use a global database, you could restrict access to the plugin's menus so they wouldn't even be noticed by particular member levels, as you decide.

    Also, the bulk of BuddyPress features really are only visible and available from the main site. It's actually been a feature request for it to be able to be setup on a site-by-site basis sort of like Though I'm not sure how that request is going these days.

    You might also want to consider WP Symposium if you haven't already. It's similar in function to BuddyPress, though dramatically different in execution:


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