single site to a multisite subsite with Snapshot Pro (nuances and graceful handling of WPMU subsite

Hi folks,

How graceful in Snapshot when restoring a single site (copy/migration by the way) from a single site to a subsite on WPMU?

Already going by this:

But, what if there is (for example) on the single site users, pages, posts, plugin ID's etc that are the same. Does Snapshot reassign gracefully and NOT overwrite any current ID's (any kind of ID'S at all like users, page, posts, plugin ID'S, or ANYTHING) at all that may be on the Network already somewhere?

Does Snapshot already take a lot of the nuances of it being a subsite on WPMU as the target new subsite and handle everything gracefully from a single install (as there are nuances of a subsite vs single and shared resources etc...even beyond just ID's issues).