single-store.php is fine, but what about taxonomy page...

Hi, I'm quite new to this.

I've customised single.php to single-store.php. This works great. When someone looks at a page using single-store.php they see the custom fields etc. that I want them to see.

I have a taxonomy called "business_categories". On my single-store.php page it shows the related business categories because I embeded the "business_categories" taxonomy embed code.

So, for example check out here: at the bottom of the page it shows "Business Categories". When you click one ( it shows a list related to design-agency.

I want to customise this page, so when someone clicks on one of the business_category types, it shows a custom page that doesn't have the author or the normal blog category but instead some custom fields etc.

So there are two things I think I need to understand:

1) How to create such a custom page, i.e. is it a variant of page-templates-blog.php (I'm using edu blog theme) I'm assuming that the page-template-blog.php is being used by default.
2) How to I point the business_categories to use the varient page.

I also run a normal blog, which I need to keep.

I hope this makes some sense. thanks.