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Hi sir, I need some informations, I hope you can halp me.
1) For making invoice to my customers I need to ask them their complete address and VAT number during the sign up. So: how can I add more fields in the signup form (address, city, vat number...)
2) Often my customers want to pay with bank transfer. How can I set the plugin to accept paypal (for users that want to pay online) and to obtain that other users can signup the form, subscribe a subscription without paying online and then when I receive bank transfer payment I enable the subscription.
3) I imported my existing users from my old web site, I configured the subscription plan for each of them but I have to setup manually the expiring date of the subcription for each user because expiring date are differente for each users. How can I set manually the expiring date?

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Federico,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    First of all I suggest that you update your Membership plugin to the latest version, you are using and the latest version is

    1. You can try using BuddyPress which should enable you to customize profile fields fairly easy.
    You can also try one of these plugins:

    If you are comfortable with coding you can try adding fields directly in Membership plugin files or you may want to consider posting the request to the job board here on site.

    2. Membership plugin currently doesn't support manual payment, maybe you can try making something with Free subscriptions gateway option which is available in Payment Gateways panel.

    3. Unfortunately this option is not built into Membership right now, because of complications with payment gateways. The workaround is to edit the wp_m_membership_relationships table via PHPMyAdmin.

    You might consider using our Protected Content plugin which has Manual payment gateway mentioned in your second question.

    Best regards,

  • Federico

    Hi Predrag, thanks for your reply.
    I will take a look to Protected Content plugin.
    I understand that with this I can solve the problem of manual payment. Only some details to avoid problems in changing plugin:
    1) Can I have the same functionality regarding functions, configurations, subscriptions and other features that I have with Membership plugin or will I have some difference/restriction in features with Protected Content Plugin? Because except that for my past questions all other features of Membership plugin are right for my site.

    2) With Protected Content Plugin can I activate both manual payment and online payment?
    2.1) Does Manual payment in Protected content work in this way?
    a. user make a subscription selecting manual payment
    b. user compile the subscription form with all data
    c. subscription remain in stand by and I receive a comunication about new subscription
    d. I can manually activate the subscription (when I see payment)

    3) About BuddyPress/WP-Member plugin:
    e. BuddyPress is a social network plugin. How can I use this for only having new fields on registration form?
    f. wp-members is a "management framework for WordPress® that restricts content to registered users". Do you mean that I have to use this plugin instead Membership plugin?
    g. if I use one of these plugin (BuddyPress/WP_Member/Register-plus-redux) to manage new profile fields will these new fields appear on subscription form? Or must I configure some other options? Is it the same for Memebership plugin and for Protected Content plugin?

    Sorry if I was so long but before making some changes, buy a new plugin and configure again all the site I would be shure that my needs will be satisfied.
    Thanks again for your support.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Federico,

    1. Protected Content is like the improved Membership plugin, it has different level of memberships like single membership, tier levels, access to content for certain times, and it also support single and recurring payment.
    So I believe you will be able to accomplish your current setup with this plugin.

    2. Yes, you can have both manual and online payment with this plugin.
    I have attached a screenshot from the manual payment setup screen that I believe answers your question :slight_smile:

    3. Here is an extended thread about adding extra fields to Membership plugin and one more for Protected Content fields.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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