Site administration


Currently working on a travel blog and have installed the newest version of wp mu.

The host is set up with wildcards subdomains and works great.

If I put a plugin in the folder /wp-content/mu-plugins - the plugin will be available for all user on the ./root and also */sub users - great!
This function should be there for themes also - that would be awesome!

Further: If i add a plugin to the /wp-content/plugins - the plugin will be available for all admins on both ./ and */ - not so great!

Some plugins I want for my ./ and others for */(trough payed access).

Removing the plugins from the menu is a option, but if you want to provide the user with some choice of plugins, removing the option from the menu us a bad choice.

Would a solution be /wp-content/site-plugins for the blog host and /wp-content/sub-plugins for subdomains users?

I know there are workarounds to get this done, but why do the job thousands of times when it can be done once and work out of the box?

In other word we are looking at a more heavy user administration on all levels.



  • mrleira

    Yes, then the themes are site wide both for sub domain users and for site wide admin.
    I was thinking more of a dedicated theme folder for subdomains in some kind of way.. English is not my native language so perhaps I dont make my self clear enough.. sorry

    I want some plugins to be sitewide for both sub domain users and for sitewide admin(mainpage). Those can also be handled by upgrades plugin. I know :slight_smile:

    But I also want some plugins to only be available for me as a sitewide admin on the main page(root) - this option I havent seen yet?
    The Site wide(root) admin as a super site admin with more options then a regular admin perhaps..