Site Backups with snapshot pro

Hey Gang,

I am using snapsot pro here and I am just not comfortable I'm backing up the whole site here as my archive files are 225k which is ridiculously small.
Do I need to check include all selected files and check all the boxes (I know this backs up inactive themes and plugins also) or do I just need to check the include common files (to get everything that is active and ignore the inactive (does this option leave anything else out)?

Sorry I am try to make us of my wpmu membership but used to wpclone which just backs up everything unless you exclude it. I don't want to get caught with my pants down here.

The goal is if I need to restore It would be from a fatal crash and I would need to reinstall wordpress, install snapshot and then pull the backup in and have the site be there and fully functional with all the necessary files, media, databases etc.