Site Broken Now! Membership Site Pages Disappeared!!!!!

Ok, this is the third issue tonight, none of which are resolved. Now all of my Membership Site pages have disappeared. When you go into settings and click "view" it says page doesn't exist on every membership site page. And you can't edit them because they are not there.

So now all my members are gone, Shortcodes are broken, and I have no way to charge for my products! I have site members emailing me left and right, extremely upset over something i can't control, and you guys said that the version would be up "tomorrow possibly" 7 days ago. I had installed somehow before you guys pulled it, i had no issues,then when i reverted b/c you guys said there were bugs with it, everything on the site messed up. I tried re-installing the plug-in, deactivating all other plug-ins, and have had no luck. And best of all, i can't revert back to the version of membership i was using that supported multiple memberships b/c it is now conflicting with new version of wordpress. This is costing me business I really need help from someone please!