Site Categories activated but not showing admin panel

I have installed and activated "Site Categories" on my multisite and activated it on the network. In each sub-site dashboard I see "Site Categories" under Settings, but in the Network dashboard I do not see the sidebar item as shown in the documentation... Since the screenshots are rather old, I am wondering if this moved to somewhere else in the dashboard. Where do I go to configure site categories? Thanks!

Somethings worth noting:
1. The primary URL has not changed, but the primary site was changed from ID 1 to ID 3.
2. The following other WPMU DEV plugins are installed and active: Avatars for Multisite, Cloner, Custom Sidebars Pro, Google Analytics +, Members Directory, Multi-Domains for Multisite, Post Indexer, Remove Email Verification, Ultimate Branding, WP Smush Pro, WPMU DEV Dashboard, WPMU DEV Videos.
3. A previous plugin may have tried to use the taxonomy "site-category" and may have lingering data in the database... but this is over my head to verify.

Thanks in advance for any help.