Site categories menu with wrong counting.

Dear all, I have the main website where the categories and sites within the network should be displayed. Currently the Plugin is counting and displaying 1 categories (Beachwear and Fitness) where there are no sites activated and 1 category (Fast Fashion) displayed and counted correctly . However it's not displaying and counting the other sites and categories that do exist within the network (Tiles, Ceramics and Metal Fittings).

Also, on the landing page the category that should link to the respective site (Fast Fashion) is not linking.

What was expected:
Main site should be displaying on the Menu the Parent category: Construction and Architecture + the child categories Tiles, Ceramics and Metal Fittings. All these sites were selected as Construction and Architecture and its respective child categories (Tiles, Ceramics and Metal Fittings) as well as Fast Fashion and count 1. On the category landing page I should click on the site or category and being taken to the respective site.

Find attached the screenshots. I've cleared access to you guys on the Dashboard in case it's needed.