Site Categories not pointing correctly

Running the latest updates for WPMU and all plugins. I put this under Beginners Wordpress because it has to be something systemic in the setup of multi-site, possibly related to the automatic inclusion by my host of the "/home" on all URLs?


First, site categories. My categories are under the slider. Right now, Blogs for Personal has sub categories and I will have something under Barter shortly as well.

The problem is this; when I click on the category name, I get Page Not Found:

Another place this happens is in global product tags. Example, I select the global tag "Everyone" which should bring up a list of computer games with an ESRB of Everyone but does not:

Another issue that may be related is ultimate sitemaps does not pick up anything other than the main site.

I can list these separately as well, but it seems like the same problem in different plug ins might be caused by an issue up stream (so to speak).

Any ideas?

Thank you

  • Angela

    Hello and Thank you @Patrick

    My wp-config was fine. I've been playing with it though and think I have the site categories working.

    The stumper (and reason I didn't respond sooner) was that I had gotten to the point where I was getting information to display but had a DFU issue. With the U being me.

    Name of sub-category? Barter B2B
    Name of site I was looking to access during testing? Barter B2B.

    So I was sitting here trying to figure out why in the world I was getting an extra page in between the two for the past day and a half.

    I wish I knew why my host didn't allow me to use the root URL, but there it is. During set up I am using a regular network solutions webhost at $2.99 per month but will switch it over to a private server as soon as I have everything set up. That may be part of the difference.

    Thank you again -

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