Site Categories Plugin is Causing Problems When Visitors Click Into a Specific Category


I am using both your blog directory plugin and site categories plugin for my mu network. The Site categories plugin has caused a menu problem.

When you visit my blog directory it's sidebar is a custom menu list of the "Site Categories" that you can choose from to browse for a blog to visit. When a visitor chooses a site category off of the sidebar menu it brings them to the blog directory page for that site category (that works fine), the problem is once they are linked to the directory page of the site category they chose every other menu item in the sidebar is over-ridden and labeled as the site category that they selected.

For example if the sidebar custom menu has 8 different site categories as the menu items, and only one of which is titled "Business"; when a visitor chooses that "business" menu item, they are linked to the Business blog directory, but now all 8 custom menu items are titled "Business". The site category plugin seems to be overriding the correct custom menu titles.

** Even though each menu item reads "Business" (or whatever category you choose) the hyperlinks are still the original correct links. The text or the title is just being overridden.

I already ruled out the following:
- already tried to edit the sidebar being used for the directory pages but everything is correct
- and same with the custom menu items.

Please advise. Thank you in advance.