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I'm trying to use Site Categories as the static home page with the WPMU theme Social. I'm kind of caught in a catch 22, The plugin works on a regular page, but then setting the page to the home page of the theme mucks things up.

For instance, lets say I put it in a page called "toodles"
And let's say I have a category called "tools"
when clicking on the tools category it directs me to: and everything works as expected.

Now, when I make toodles my static home page in the theme, clicking on tools now tries to open and it gives a 404.

Is there a trick to get the categories listing to work on a static home page?

  • Dave

    Actually, I've given up on trying to make categories my homepage.
    I've even tried writing a function to imbed the page in a <div> tag on the homepage, but the categories function still calls the path of the main page that has contains the <div> tag. :slight_frown:
    One Idea I had, but haven't tried to implement, is that you may be able to hardcode the path into the plugin instead of it being automatically determined, but I didn't get to try this yet. It's just not worth the development time and lost revenue. I'm moving on.

  • randal

    I wonder if you Enable short codes to do this, Would it be Possible to allow the short codes to select a site Category. I Am asking Cause it would be Nice to use Custom Images as Icons for the Category, outside of the avatars plugins.

    for example we are a Building a Local Business Directory. So we have Category like bars, Restaurants, Service company's Ect. Would be Nice to be able to use Banners as a Graphical Representation of the links. would be sorta an example of what i am talking about. Where each banner links to a different set of products in that case but sites for this example.

  • Paul


    Well technically, the category icon does not require the avatar plugin. The avatar plugin is only needed to associate an avatar with a site.

    The category icon is handled on the primary site under Site Categories > Site Categories where you manage the Site Category terms.

    The problem or reason we don't currently support a shortcode is about the rewrite rules we setup for the Site Category landing page. This was somewhat of an oversight (more like over development) in that we wanted to enforce pretty URLs. So the rewrite rules need to be setup prior and hence we only allow one page to host the landing categories. But looking to some less pretty URLs in the future.

    As for your specific needs you can do most anything you want. Take a look at some of the display templates that come as part of the plugin ( site-categories/lib/display_templates/ )

    The 'display_list_categories.php' is the one used to build the landing page output of the site categories. Then the others display_accordion_categories.php, display_grid_categories.php and display_list_category_sites.php are used to display the sites within the selected category.

    You should easily be able to convert one of these to use your own logic. So instead of being limited to the square icon image used by default you can use a wider banner image.

    You would of course need to add this within your theme not back into the plugin code.

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